Family Federation for a Heavenly USA Leadership Conference

March 11-16• Las Vegas

Famicon 2018 is our signature conference for Family Federation for a Heavenly USA, at our International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We rebranded these conferences at the first Famicon last year, moving from mostly informational and instructional to more collaborative and innovative. In other words, this is YOUR conference.

Our vision is to generate excitement and impact through this conference as our families, tribes and communities grow. Our Famicon theme is “Restore my State, Save our Nation by Testifying to True Parents’ Love.” True Mother inspired us with her words about 2017 being the year of the fire rooster. Like a rooster’s crow with the rising sun, our focus this year is to confidently testify to True Parents and their work.

For this reason we decided that the primary purpose of this conference should be for everyone to be happy. Why is that you say? Well, because happy people testify! True Mother said it best in a recent speech to the youth:

People who have a dream for their lives are happy people. When you are able to substantiate your dream, you become even happier. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is the world where Heavenly Parent’s dream, True Parents’ dream, and your own dream are all one.

In December 2016 True Mother made it clear that now is the time to bring results, and we should confidently expect miracles! We must start by restoring our own state and then together we can achieve national restoration. Our objective for this conference is for each of us to acquire tools we need and to build our support network so we can bring real results in time for True Father’s fifth Seonghwa Anniversary on September 7, 2017.

The components of national restoration also guide the themes for the plenary and breakout sessions which include: Raising Victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiahs, Making Social Impact, Community Care, and Cultivating the Next Generation of Leadership.